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ghost loading montefeltro


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This may have been discussed previously.  I have seen where some benellis can be ghost loaded.  I tried this with my montefeltro to get 5 total 3 inch shells to load.  Three (max go into magazine.  Supposedly you pull the bolt most of the way back place  #4 directly into the chamber, then push #5 down on the carrier and release the bolt.  My bolt did not seem to want to close. So ist did not work.

Will this work in a montefeltro.  Is it safe or ill advised?



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If it isn't an H&K era, then it likely won't. I find the shorter chambers harder to ghost load. On my 3.5" SBE, I can load it quickly and float the 4th easily, even in the dark. SD above I believe is a gunsmith so his comments carry more weight than mine probably do. But, I had a Benelli rep back then tell me they were designed to 100% clear the round on the carrier. It wasn't designed as a way to hold more, it was how the gun would clear what would otherwise be a malfunction in the event an extra shell came out of the magazine. I'd trust my life on it. I have used it ever since I discovered it in ~1995 (whenever legal). I preferred to add a single shell back there instead of an extended mag tube out front which changes the swing for me.

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