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unloading montefeltro


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Another rookie question.  The manual shows unloading by depressing the carriage release button from inside the magazine well for each shell.  Mine is VERY hard to press and release.  I have seen another technique where you hold up the cartridge release lever up (little red dot now hidden) and just cycle bolt.  It appears to first load, then unload the chamber, ejecting the shells.

Is the cartridge release inside the magazine well usually a SOB to press?

Is the Second technique safe and a better method?



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All Benelli’s are a pain to unload using the method of pressing the shell stop inwards. Removing the latch and polishing it can help. I find the last round to be the most difficult to get out of the tube. 

I find this method safer to unload with since live rounds are not being chambered thru the process.  

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