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More COLLAPSIBLE STOCK FUN - My Observations of new Catalog M4 and SuperNova


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Originally posted by kendal:

Ok just to keep the juices flowing on this issue of Collapsible stock legal vs. illegal issue, I am aware and know all of the questions on the M4 and M4 LE, 11707 and 11014 with this issue, but just so we won’t get board seems Benelli has thrown another wrinkle to the mystery.


In the latest Catalog for Benelli 2006 on page 38 they show and list as an optional feature on their new Super Nova Tactical shotgun has a guess what ? Yes, you got it is a COLLAPSIBLE STOCK! Due out in Spring of 2006! And per the note next to the insert picture of the slick designed stock it says “The stock can be quickly installed on the Benelli Super Nova with no special tools and …. Push button length adjustment into three positions.”


Also, You thought the mystery was over correct?


No not just yet.


If you look at page 57 of the same 2006 Catalog you will see the M4 Tactical listed but guess what you only see the 11707 model now. No more 11701, 11014 and what ever other models they use to list.


So dose this mean that they will now only sell the 11707 that can take any and all stocks and eliminate all the extra part numbers that did not allow a collapsible sock to function. As well as they note and have as an * next to the insert of the pic. For the M4 Skeletonized Pistol grip stock on page 35 and say “legal under federal law, check local and state laws…”


So, dose the introduction of the new Collapsible stock for the super nova mean they truly do not have a issue with the ATF on this stock issue. If it were an issue then why would they open a new can of whoop A** for themselves?


I would say that the one thing that they do mention and seem to be consistent in is the magazine tube extensions. All but non existent in the catalog and on page 36 of the 2006 Catalog they say that the Mag extension is for LE only. So I guess they are being held to this by the BATF.


Anyway not trying to interpret this issue but just wanted to give my observations of the new 2006 Catalog by Benelli.



The Benelli Nova is a pump-action, therefore it can legally have a telescoping stock. smile.gif
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Originally posted by jakjakman:

I don't think it was every much of a question about federal law regarding the colapsible stock. Most of the rigamarole was about the mag extension.

The mag extensions and telescoping stocks are the same in the eyes of the BATF. :(


They pretty much look at it like the former AW ban -- you can have ONE of the following on an imported semi-auto shotgun: pistol grip, mag extension, or folding/telescoping stock. The problem with the telescoping stocks is that they are a combination of a pistol grip and the stock itself -- this puts you one over the count. I have a letter from the BATF saying that adding either a mag extension or a telescoping stock to the Benelli M4 violates 922® and is therefore illegal.


It's all a moot point to me, as I've put my Benelli M1014 up for sale.


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