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Metal slivers M1


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I picked up a used M1 that didn't look like it had been shot much at all it is 16 years old when i got it about a year ago. Haven't shot it much the last time i cleaned it noticed a couple very small slivers that were magnetic mostly around where the recoil spring cup is not sure if its from break in even given the age the only wear i can see is where the bolt rides on the barrel on its way to lock up and a little bit on the feed ramp. Just wanted to get some ideas so far have put maybe 120 rounds of mixed ammo threw it cycles everything even the next to no brass bird shot.

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much. High spots and hard edges get knocked off with use. Since they’re magnetic, they obviously aren’t aluminum from the receiver or lead Deposits that were scraped out of the barrel.

It’s likely from the area where the tail of the bolt goes into the receiver extension. Clean them out, shoot the piss out of it and see if more return. 

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