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Benelli M4 - TTI Charging Handle Revisions


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Someone has to help fund Taran’s future paternity suits! I personally don’t care for knurling on a bolt handle. It cuts up my hands when I’m going fast and I have pretty rough hands. 

If I’m doing my job right, I rarely ever touch the bolt handle. You want to avoid running dry. If you’ve fired a round or more, start reloading ASAP. Once you’ve locked the bolt back, it takes quite a bit of motor skills to get back in the game. This is even more important if you’re using a entry length with reduced capacity. 

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I just ordered two TTI charging handles from DSG Arms and received two different versions. The one on the right appears to be the older version and can be over inserted and rotates. The one on the left locks into place and I had to remove it with pliers to take the photo. 

Can anyone who has tried both confirm my thoughts on the new vs. old model? 


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Yeah, the new style is very nice but the old one just rotates and you can over insert it with ease. I sent DSG Arms an email asking to swap it out. I am sure they didn’t know there was an update to the part.

And sorry for the dupe post/question. When I pulled up this thread on my iPad I couldn’t initially see the pictures that had been posted.

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