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Newbie - Understanding M2 Mag Extensions / Barrel Clamp POA/POI


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I am a Benelli newbie and excited to join in!


I just purchased a M2 field with a 21" barrel as an all around shotgun. (I do have a break action, double barrel that I use for hunting and water fowl ... so I am setting this one up for more of a gaming / HD shot gun.) I have been reading all of the posts re: mag tube extensions here. I also read Nordic's chart regarding MXT extension lengths. I see that they say the +5 extends 3/4" past the end of the barrel according to their chart - yet I seem to see M2's listed as "8+1" with a 21" barrel where the tube lines up flush? What am I missing? I also understand that there may be different length nuts used to attach the tube extension. Is this true? (I only see one listed on the page for Benelli?) 

Anyways - looking for as close to a flush mount as I can get. Is the +5 the best way to go with the 21" field barrel? What do you guys recommend? Don't want to go longer than 21" for sake of navigating inside home if need be. I read here that 21" with fiber optic was potentially faster than the ghost ring anyways for  HD which is why I went with the shotgun I did. (Trying to take your advice here! :)  ) 

One other question, I have heard that a barrel clamp can effect the point of aim / point of impact when shooting slugs. Is this true? I a barrel clamp recommended for a +5 if I go that route? Do I need to "tune" the sights then for slugs? Thank you in advance for your help. 




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The standard Nordic +5 tube(see below)  is just a bit longer than the 21” barrel. Nordic also lists a +5B that is advertised as being a match to the 21” Benelli M2 barrel length. The standard 5 tune is 11.60” long, the +5B is 10.83” long.  Nordic tube lenght info

Some barrel clamps can impart pressure on the barrel and affect POI. There are methods for installing in the Nordic clap that can negate the clamp's affect or MOA Precision makes a “free floating” clamp that does not affect the POI. MOA Precision clamp






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When installing a magazine extensions it will be critical on a M2 to choose the proper Magazine Spring that is associated with various magazine extensions.  If not you will bend your Carrier Latch in very short order.  I replace several Carrier Latches per year most of which are from guns with Magazine Extensions, some just worn out.  You will know when you have a Carrier Latch that is out of spec when multiple shells are released from the Magazine tube during cycling of shells. With that said I have seen new Benelli guns with Carrier Latches out of spec as well.  This is why I remove and spec every Carrier Latch when I go through a customer gun. The SBE 3 and the Ethos have the two piece design Carrier Latch which makes loading the magazine slightly easier as well as increases durability.

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