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Multiple barrels / gages


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I am interested in one quality shot guns that can be used for multiple purposes by swapping out the barrels. I am LEFT Hand shooter, most of my hunting is upland bird, but I would also like ability to add deer hunting, duck hunting, etc.


Is there a left handed benelli that I could purchase that would allow swapping out barrels for the type shooting I am interested in? Is there a way to also swap out 12 gage barrel for a 20 or 16 gage barrel with the same shot gun?


I am new to the sport and currently have O/U Browning 20 Gage, but would like to have an "all arround" gun that I could use for just about any situation.


Can anyone help or give advise?

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How 'bout a full set of sub-gauge inserts for an over/under like your Browning (but you'd maybe want to start with a 12 gauge for that).


Personally, I use a 12 gauge for nearly everything and jump to a .410 for the few things that I think the 12 gauge is too big. Most of the time you can change the choke and/or dram/shot size to achieve a clean kill without damaging too much meat.

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