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M3 Questions


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Have an HK marked Benelli M3, with the full-length mag tube, and rifle sights. Proof marking dates it to 1992.

I have 2 questions regarding this shotgun.

1.) If I wanted to replace the magazine spring, how do I do that? I looked it up online, and from what I found, the magazine tube is loc-tite into the receiver. I assume the only way is with heat (obviously careful not to melt the plastic portion of the fore-end / pump mechanism)

2.) On the Benelli Defense dot I T site (guessing Itally), they show some newer, defense models of the M3. A few show fore-ends that have a rail molded in on the very bottom, I assume for a light. How hard would it be to get one of those fore-ends into the states?


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I had a similar question about obtaining parts from the newer LE model.  I think the model is 11606.  I found the magtube on one site yesterday.  Would be nice to get to 10 rounds with an extension.  Don't think you export gun parts, probably means you can't import either.

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