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Benelli M1 Super 90 - Parts Sources / Choke Question


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Just picked up a mint M1 Super 90, HK import, 18.5 with a threaded barrel.

Are these Mobil choke guns?   The choke that was in it is improved cylinder, steel shot ok, with four **** after it.   I'm assuming this is a factory threaded barrel.

Previous owner claims the gun was imported with a pistol grip and 7 round tube.   Where can I find a replacement spring for the magazine tube?


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Yes, that should be a Mobil choke'd barrel. Quick and easy way to tell is to remove the choke. On the Mobil chokes, the threads are at the very end of the barrel. On the Crio chokes, the threads are ~1/2" from the end of the barrel. All HK-era shotguns started life with Mobil. Now, if a barrel was replaced with a later M2 barrel, then they would be the Crio type.

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