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Benelli m4 Carlson choke tube tactical breecher muzzle brake


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So I purchased the Carlson Choke tube tactical breacher muzzle brake. From what I see on videos and or pictures it looks like guys that bought this are just screwing it right into the M4's barrel. Well I just went and looked at mine and I have no threading, is there something I am missing here? Im sorry if this is dumb but shotguns are still new to me and yes this is the first one I bought haha, I went big and I am trying to upgrade this slowly. Thanks again guys!

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..or your M4 came with a choke tube already screwed in? If so, the choke tube is likely a M (Modified sized choke tube). If your M4 came with a choke tube installed it’s easy to confirm visually, at the end of the barrel you will see several small notches/u-shaped cuts..they are on the end/part of the choke tube and are used to align with a tool(choke tube tool/wrench) for removing & installing choke tubes. 

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