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Replacing entire M4 M1014 fixed skeleton stock


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Hi All,

I’ve been reading various postings about removing the fixed skeleton stock for the M1014 And I’m a little confused.


It seems that if someone wants to replace the recoil tube so that you can make the stock actually collapsible it is a very complicated process involving heat guns etc.


However, what if I want to simply remove the entire pistol grip and stock and replace it with something like the Mesa Urbino? Is there an easier method to remove the stock? Or will I still need to go through the “heat gun/replace recoil tube”method?

thank you for any insights and clarifications!

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if you want to go the latter route, it is fairly easy, which involves the turning to remove the pistol grip stock. There are a few videos on YouTube to assist you. I also want to swap my fixed tube to make it collapsible. Stranger Danger can do it for a fee, which I might consider in the future.

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I went with the mesa urbino w cheek riser and limbsaver pad. No need to change the recoil tube. Don't over tighten the bolt that attaches the stock to the end of the recoil tube. My 1014 came with the non-collapsing "skeleton stock" which I am hanging on to for eventual swap of the recoil tube.

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Thanks Markt and D’zaster,

Good to know removal is relatively simple.  So I’ve watched the YouTube videos on twisting off the stock from the pistol grip, but when I try it on my 1014 (like D’zaster I also have the fixed non-collapsing “skeleton stock”) - it won’t budge.  It almost feels like its bolted in somewhere.

Any tips on how you got the stock to twist initially? (And should it be this darn hard to do so?)

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NoTyccon, thank you!

I see how to take of the back portion of the stock, but how do you remove the handle (pistol grip) portion of the stock?   YouTube makes it look like you can twist it off counterclockwise but try as I might, I can’t seem to get that part of the stock to move?  

I will note that the YouTube videos I have found all seem to have the actual collapsible stock, or the solid stock, as opposed to the fixed skeleton  stock that I have.  Should I still bet able to twist it off at the grip like they can?

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