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  1. if you don't need the money, don't sell it. You'll possibly regret it like others have
  2. +1 as well for savior. My Bro in law bought one and it is nice and built well. I'd get one if I did not have another brand bag.
  3. BC it is mof*cking surefire! I agree. I got mine on sale for $100 and sold it for $300 a few years back. I prefer the stock handguards.
  4. Nice, I am afraid to ask final ticket price 🤮
  5. I was waiting to get to Vegas to get my single pos tube swapped with a spare 3 pos tube I have. it might not be for a few months but I will have one when I am able to get it swapped.
  6. Confirmed - https://www.gunsamerica.com/997464234/Benelli-M4-Entry-11724-Class-III-SB.htm
  7. I came across a extended mag tube since someone was under the impression it would work but it was different size. Just a FYI
  8. I did see some in stock but I do not have tools like some such as a drill press. Did you have to get longer screws or anything in addition to what's already included?
  9. By any chance does someone have one with the pad drilled for sale that they do not need? -HOOAH, 101st!
  10. if you want to go the latter route, it is fairly easy, which involves the turning to remove the pistol grip stock. There are a few videos on YouTube to assist you. I also want to swap my fixed tube to make it collapsible. Stranger Danger can do it for a fee, which I might consider in the future.
  11. wow, $20 each? You can get them for about $4 each on ebay or about $5 on amazon.
  12. the easiest and cheapest option I found for 922r is the handguards, follower and the tube. i found all of them at a low price.
  13. You can easily find them on ebay/amazon. You do not have to get a fancy brand card. I have about 10 cheap shell cards. They do the job. Below is a picture of my set up. nothing fancy like the other guys but I got the shotgun and parts pretty cheap.
  14. ole benelli is meant to be abused! that's is why everyone wants them and has agencies have them in their arsenal
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