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options for my options


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Just received the A&S trigger guard. need trigger options or do I just polish the factory assembly. 

Waiting on Carrier comp mag tube. Kip said 3 months. I have the Briley one shot extension so what's a good choke for fit and 00 buck/slug

I'm pretty good with iron sights, what's the advantage of a red dot ? Trijicon 3moa

What else am I missing other then bolt on accessories. just encase we actually have a zombie apocalypses.  bolt release,  safety, charging handle (TTI)

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Some of that depends on the specific model, but;

Trigger:  It's a shotgun, not a precision sniper firearm.  Suggest you stick with the OEM parts.  But that's just me.  

Choke:  For a defensive SG, stick with Cylinder or Improved Cylinder.  But that's just me.

Red Dot Advantage:  Both eyes open, focus on target, quicker shots on target. .  Period.  That's NOT just me.  That's a RDS fact of life.  There's a reason that competition shooters separate iron-sight classes from classes with RDS's.

Other bolt-ons:  Sky's the limit, along with your wallet contents.  Knock yourself out.  Bolt release - Nordic (btjm).  Safety - OEM (btjm).  Charging handle - OEM

 Other stuff - look around on the forum.  Every doo-dad, trinket, bolt-on, screw-on, glue-on, etc., has been tried here.  If I were building one, I'd think  about a light.  But that's just me. ?

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i have an 11707 (for about two months), primarily for HD and, of course, for fun.  based on my personal preferences, i have added:

FFT 1/2" steel charging handle

Impact Weapons light and sling mount

Streamlight TLR-1 HL weapons light

BFG Vickers sling. padded and unpadded with QD swivel on front mount

Benelli cylinder and improved cylinder chokes


awaiting Carrier Comp titanium mag tube extension, follower, spring. then that is it other that one more item for 922r compliance - probably the FFT forend. 

it is interesting to read truckcop's reply in regard to red dot systems. i had been dismissive (mostly cost/benefit estimations) but will check them out.

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