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  1. thanks for your excellent suggestion, SD. i will put it for the reason you state but was curious that there is no capture lip (but that is true for the stock tub as well). now waiting for my sync1/rm06 rmr to arrive, then (i believe this will be final stage (for now))
  2. while i am waiting for the loctite to dry after installing a carrier comp mag titanium mag tube, a quick question: does the spring retainer clip that is used on the 5 round tube need to be placed into the new 7 round tube or just secure it with the mag tube cap? after drying i will put the follower in, then the spring, then retainer clip or mag tube cap.
  3. the trifecta of 922r compliance that i chose for my 11707 M4 (total about $350): carrier comp 7 round mag tube replacement with follower ( 2x 922r compliance ) and spring mesa tactical urbino stock with limbsaver
  4. i am a relatively new owner (sept '20), so i can describe my thought process for this. for me the mesa tactical urbino was the best choice, as i do not need to change the length of pull in any use case that i have and i prefer the aesthetic of the fixed stock over the adjustable. i agree about 7 round extension (making sure that you are in 922r compliance). a larger, grippier charging handle is nice as well with a number of options available (the no spin type is best, i have FFT 1/2" steel). light/sling mount with weapons light is also important to me. wide range of price/quality
  5. having used blue loctite 242 on installing urbino stock on M4 (after it loosened on first shooting without) before sufficient googling beforehand, i would like to ask if anyone thinks there is an issue if i never remove it? it works well with my m4 configuration and i prefer to think of it as permanently attached. it is good to note the approach others have taken in this regards. awaiting a mag tube extension then i think it will be complete (though a red dot may be added down the road for reasons that i have yet to justify to myself other than they seem cool).
  6. i have an 11707 (for about two months), primarily for HD and, of course, for fun. based on my personal preferences, i have added: FFT 1/2" steel charging handle Impact Weapons light and sling mount Streamlight TLR-1 HL weapons light BFG Vickers sling. padded and unpadded with QD swivel on front mount Benelli cylinder and improved cylinder chokes awaiting Carrier Comp titanium mag tube extension, follower, spring. then that is it other that one more item for 922r compliance - probably the FFT forend. it is interesting to read truckcop's reply in regar
  7. ... and remember to use blue locktite on the screws. mine is solid so far but only about 100ish rounds since i added the locktite. before locktite it was loose after less than 20 rounds
  8. i suggest watching the following video as one source of information:
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