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Why I love my M4


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When I first purchased this gun a few months ago, it would not cycle target loads reliably.  After breaking it in (shooting about 100 rounds of buckshot and slugs), it cycles target loads perfectly.  It shoots steel targets at 100 yards no problem and I also love it for shooting clays.  I am new at shooting clays and it is a blast!  So far, I have put on a Mesa Urbino stock (must have for my size), a Vicker's sling, Browncoat Tactical shell cards, IWC light mount (love this mount) and an Olight Odin light. 

I ordered a Carrier Comp tube and looking forward to installing it.  

This shotgun does everything well.  Anyway, just thought I'd share a little love!



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Sounds familiar to my sentiments when I bought my first Benelli. It was a Super Black Eagle (HK import) in '94. I bought it to have a single shotgun that could handle all the tasks I was using shotguns for. Previously, those roles were filled with at least 4 different shotguns. Every time I switched seasons and guns, I wouldn't shoot well at all for a little bit. Once I had the SBE in my hands, and after I figured out I could not shoot 7/8 oz dram loads through it, it has been flawless ever since. After having it for so long and loving it, I started looking at other Benelli shotgun models and my next one was a M3T (top folder) semi-auto/pump shotgun just because it was so neat. Then came another, then a M1T, then a Montefeltro, then another HK SBE, then a M4, then an M4 H2O #11711 model. I am certain the list will continue to grow as I find ones that interest me.

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Finally got the M4 to the range last night, bought NIB a couple months ago.  After a handful of buckshot, it ate up 50 rounds of #6 game loads. Then a friend let me borrow a couple slugs. Zero malfunctions!

I was expecting the new gun to have trouble with the cheap off-brand game loads--I was wrong.

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