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Benelli Elite feed issues


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If you are describing a Franchi Affinity 3 Elite, check your Ejector Assembly which is pinned/riveted to the barrel.  If this part is loose the assembly will not function properly.  It will need to be sent back to Benelli USA to correct.   I have seen the on one Affinity 3 Elite before, and check every one that is serviced.

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Well, I sent it back to the factory.  I got it back almost 2 months later and they said everything is within spec. They fired 3 different brands of ammo.  I shot it today.  I loaded 2 shells.  First pair hung up.  2nd pair worked.  Third pair hung up.  I quit shooting it. I was using fiochi 23/4 1210fps shells.  Any help?

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13 hours ago, claybreakin said:

I had added a forend weight which was causing it not to cycle. The factory cap lets it cycle fine. Who would have thought? 

Thank you for posting this follow up.  I often describe similar experiences adding optics to a Benelli and how this effects inertia and cycling  in Benelli/Franchi.  Secondly, these types of components added to the gun are very important when describing cycling issues, most of these are often left out and are critical to cause and effect conditions in cycling shells in Benelli/Franchi.  Proper shouldering most often gets snickered at when introducing root causes od cycling issues as well.  These are SOME examples of why "my Benelli does not cycle shells".    

My first reaction when I hear my Benelli does not cycle shells, these are the guns I would very much like to have in front of me.

Your gun is awesome and a perfect example of why Franchi is exploding in growth.

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I actually added about 10oz of weight because I like the swing of a heavier gun. I had purchased a recoil spring with -25% tension and it didn't work with the added weight. I put the factory spring back in and removed the wieght and it worked fine. I lowered the wieght to 6oz with the factory spring and it cycled, but did hang up some. I'm thinking about trying it with the 6oz wieght and the -25% spring. Any thoughts?


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