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R1 barrel in 338


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I asked them a couple of years ago and they said they had no plans to. So I ended up just buying the whole rifle.  Nice shooter and very accurate. Also, I have a .30-06 and .300 wm barrel for my wooden model but only keep the .30-06 on and haven't shot the .300 in years.  I don't like to go to the range to resight it in, but admittedly when I used to swap out the barrels, both zeroed at the same point.

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If your budget is around $700 and you want a new caliber to shoot, get the barrel. The barrels work great for switching calibers, and if they’re both scoped and sighted in, they will both be at zero when you install it. I just put my .300wm barrel back on. Now I have to go to the range to sight it in. If I had had a scope on it, the zero with the .30-06 barrel would have been very close on the .300. Were it not for an ammo shortage, price gouging, and a big inconvenience for me to go to the range, I’d get more barrels. It's also worth noting that the wood model barrels fit fine on the comfortech stocks. I find myself looking at BAR’s more over the R1. I have a bar shortrac in .308 and it’s a fantastic rifle, very accurate. I do like the new Lupo bolt gun too.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I like the look of the new Lupo as well...seems to be getting a lot of good reviews in the press, but not a lot of reports from the field yet. I love my R1 in .308 Win, but thinking of getting the .300 WM barrel for hunting out West, although I’m sure the .308 with the right combination bullet...165 Gr Partition or Accubond would be more than adequate for Elk and Moose etc? Have not been able to find any type of hunting round out East in that Caliber since last year, but did manage to get my hands on some 150 Gr Hornady SST on a recent trip to New Mexico. Be well and appreciate the feedback.

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:31 AM, urnhart said:

Will Benelli be selling just the 338 Barrel?  Does anyone routinely change out their barrel of would I be better off buying a new rifle?

You’ll spend about $1,000 for the barrel. Why not buy new with a black plastic stock for a little more and have a backup rifle in one of your existing calibres?

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