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SBE 2 and SBE 3 hang up issues


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I don't have the cajones to shoot 3 1/2 in buckshot so no, I haven't seen that.

Having said that, the question is:  What do you mean by "trouble recycling"?  Is it not ejecting?  Not loading after ejection?  Following round not being released from magazine? Do they cycle properly with other brands or different loads?  If both guns are having trouble with that particular brand/load but work properly with others, that's a clue.  Quit using that brand/load.  I've got one gun that refuses to work with Rio shotgun shells.  It works with everything else I run through it.  I don't use Rio any more.

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Gene, I would check the hull tolerance on your shells.  Remove barrel from gun, point muzzle toward ground.  Insure every shell falls freely into the chamber of the barrel. Benelli bore is very tight.  

If your shells are out of tolerance, a big percent of BB's are, all brands.

Insure this area of the chamber is very clean

lightly sand the area on the shell hull where resistance is occurring

This cause and effect rates very high on "why my Benelli is not cycling shells". 

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