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M1 slug barrel on an M2 compact


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The M1 shot barrel to M2 shot barrel is supposed to work fine in that direction. For the slug barrel, I am not as sure. I know going the other direction requires Dremel'ing out the recoil lug opening or getting a modified forearm like you did for your M2.

Could you elaborate on "The one I purchased (original Benelli) seems to be about 1/4 inch longer and does not seat as flush as the original shot barrel"? What part is longer and where is it not seating as flush? The picture below is from pointing out the rib and lug differences in the SBE 1 and SBE II barrels, but does your modified forearm fit the longer lug like the middle and top barrel? Does your barrel seat properly without any forearm or bolt?

Barrels with color indicators.jpg

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Can't think of a reason why it would be doing that.  It should work.  Sounds silly, but try wiggling the muzzle end of the barrel back and forth while pulling back on it.  Another:  take the trigger housing and bolt assembly out and try to install the barrel.  When doing that, look up inside the receiver to see if you can find the barrel extension coming in contact with something.  I can't really think of what since there's not really anything in there to interfere with it.  That's all I've got.  

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Sorry for the lack of follow-up. Count me in the list of COVID after literally 50% of the people at work got it.

I don't know though. Going the other way around m2 barrel in M1 usually require some inletting around where the barrel where that large ring near where they mate up as well as the aforementioned forearm. The pic without the forearm eliminates a forearm issue. Maybe one of the Benelli 'smiths will see this and hop on. Free bump. ?

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