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M1014 Bronze/Rust Colored Residue


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Hello everyone,

I purchased an M1014 brand new at the beginning of the month.  After taking the firearm apart to clean it, I noticed areas on the Bolt Assembly Tail that appear to be either bronze/rust colored residue or a bad weld.  I also noticed that there appears to be a crack down the tail aswell on the same area.  I know crack is definitely a bad word because I'm not sure if thats really what it is or not.  It just looks like it.

What I want to know is if this is normal or not?  Did anyone else have this?

I would like to note that I contacted Benelli twice.  I got the same gentleman both times who told me it was normal even after looking at the pictures.  I'm not saying I don't trust him, I just want more opinions on it because of the amount of money I spent.  Anyone's knowledge or advice on this is greatly appreciated.

I can't figure out how to upload the pictures on here so I'll go with the flow for now.  I know it would help a lot more to have them.  I'll try to figure it out after posting this.

Thanks everyone!

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2 minutes ago, Shekkie said:

Looks kinda like dried grease in the first pics. 

That’s what I originally thought.  It looks like copper anti seize.  Of course it would have no place there.  

You know, it looks exactly like the bronze colored grease you find in a new Glock.

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