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M2 Cycling issue

Reuben Lakin

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I purchased a new M2 with the Cerakote barrel and recieiver. Been duck hunting with it now 15 times or so and consistently 1 or twice per outing, the second shell will hang up and not load all the way into the barrel. Usually tapping on the reciever handle will seat it the rest of the way. has anyone else experienced anything like this. Ive broken down and cleaned everything multiple times but doesn t seem to make a difference. Should I have to remove the recoil spring already? Thanks for help 

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If it is quite cold, you may be experiencing issues with your lubricant of choice. As it gets cold, many lubricants thicken and change viscosity. 

Make sure your magazine tube is clean and doesn’t have any lubricant in it. Lube in here collects fowling and shell buffering media which can rob the magazine spring of tension. On these shotguns, the last round in the magazine tube has the least amount of tension on it. 

I’d disassemble the receiver extension and clean out the fowling and shot shell buffering media that will be mixing with the lubricant inside. The more rounds you fire, the more contaminants will build up inside here. How the lubricant performs in cold weather will also be important. Disassembly and cleaning of the bolt carrier is also important. Same applies to the trigger pack. Anything that causes resistance robs you of inertia energy.

Shouldering these inertia operated shotguns firmly is mandatory. Sometimes you get into weird positions when trying to line up a shot from a blind or from cover. Thick jackets can rob the shotgun of inertia. If you’re using weaker rounds, this can cause cycling issues to appear. 

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11 hours ago, Reuben Lakin said:

Handling it unloaded, If you pull the bolt back just right, you can get it to stick open without pressing the detent button on the trigger gaurd. Again, if you just push the handle, it will go ahead and close right. Is this normal, or is it hanging on something?

This would be normal.  

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