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Benelli M1 H&K import -- barrels


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Hi, I have a Benelli M1 Super 90, one of the older H&K imports stamped Heckler & Koch - Sterling VA.

It has the tactical 19'' barrel.  I've been searching for a 28'' barrel so I can use it for sporting clays.  There don't seem to be many around.  Do you all know where they can be purchased?  Also, do the M2 barrels fit the M1?  Seems like there is an issue in fitment with the forearm.

Thanks in advance



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M2 barrel will fit the M1.  There will be some necessary modifications to the M1 forearm for it to fit.  Finding a barrel will be your main impediment.  They'll occasionally show up on ebay or gunbroker.

Shoot clays with the barrel you have.  I shoot skeet, sporting clays, and pheasants with 19 and 21 inch barrels.  


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As truckcop mentioned, the M2 barrel will fit and work just fine on the M1 but does take opening up the area around the recoil lug on the barrel for it to work. I don't believe there was ever a slug option that had the longer lug forearm like they had for the SBE but it might be worth a look.

I've got a 28" M2 field barrel that I have thought about selling. I haven't done anything with it. Which reminds me, I was going to also list a 18.5" original M1 barrel too but I forgot about that until just now. Gunbroker has them pop up occasionally, but they are pricey. I think I gave in the upper $500 range for mine. Just use this link and save the search if you have an account. https://www.gunbroker.com/Gun-Parts/search?Keywords=Benelli m1 barrel Otherwise, just bookmark and check back often. Good luck.

Searching this forum found previous info on the topic so I won't go into more detail.


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