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Differences between the M2 20 gauge and the SBE3 20 gauge


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Primary difference would be that the M2 receiver is one-piece, all aluminum while the SBE has a two-piece receiver with a steel upper that's part of the barrel assembly and an aluminum lower portion.  SBE would therefore be heavier than the M2.  Inertia firing system is pretty much the same in each.  The SBE has always been considered a heavier-duty type gun able to take more use with heavier loads vs the M's.  I've got both (12 ga.) and functionally there's not much difference.  The lighter M2 has a bit more felt recoil than the heavier SBE but in actual use in the field I never notice it.

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The New SBE 3 20 gauge actually weighs the exact same as the M2 20 Gauge comparing 26" barrel's.  There is some key differences:

ComforTech 3 vs ComforTech

Combtech cheeks pad on SBE 3

Easy Locking Bolt System SBE 3

New Carrier Latch Design on SBE 3, ease of loading, durability

Different Triger Guard

Different Safety size

IMO - key segment into the SBE & Etho's platforms. 

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