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Mesa Tactical Urbino M4 stock storage?


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Weird idea... but I wanted to pick some hopefully like minded brains about the idea.  I picked up a urbino stock for my M4 recently.  I got it installed and I really-really like it.  I noticed it does have a little bit of a cavity on the inside of the stock and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or considered using it as storage?  I was thinking about a semi-permanent solution to store a spare 18650 or at least a couple of CR123's for a weapon light.


What say yea?

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6 hours ago, M2_shootr said:

Don’t think it would cause any undue wear to the tabs on the buttplate.

if I were to do this, I would want to have a spare on hand 

Yeah... I was thinking about something with industrial-strength velcro with a battery holder on one or both sides of the stock.  I figured if I put anything on the top or the bottom, it may interfere with the way the buttplate attaches.

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22 hours ago, RyanExtra said:

How do you keep it from rattling? 

If you use the right velcro and battery holder, it shouldn't move much under recoil.  If you could somehow attach it directly to be back of the buttpad itself, that may be the best way to do it.  But this was just an idea I had and I wanted to run it by the masses here to get their thoughts.

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