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New Montefeltro 20g break in


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New to Benelli shotguns, just bought a Monty 20g, planned usage is target / skeets etc. I want to follow the proper break in, but I’m having trouble finding the right heavy ammo. The best I’ve found so far is 2 3/4 x 1 oz shells. Is this going to be heavy enough to break it in properly?

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No special break in on a Benelli 20 gauge, the shells you have will shoot perfect.  I will say  just insure your bolt and rails inside the receiver are clean.  When reinstalling your bolt put 1 - 2 light drops of CLP on each side of the bolt where it is contacting the rail within the receiver. 

After servicing over 900 Benelli's now, I have never had a gun that does not "Cycle Like New".

Please reach out at anytime if you have any questions - congratulations on the purchase of your Benelli.

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Just don't "wet lube" the mag tube / spring area. I am not exaggerating when I say I have literally bought and sold dozens upon dozens of Benelli's from fellow hunters that complained that it was the biggest POS they ever owned. With very few exceptions, I'd take them home, take the mag tube spring out and give it a very thorough cleaning and put in DRY lube. Most of the time that fixed it, but there were a few that needed similar treatment to the recoil tube. Probably 85% of them got resold to other hunting buddies, to include the guy that sold it to me (after them seeing how flawless it shoots when it isn't dripping with oil until the dry field debris gets in it).

I'm not a 'smith like Remarkable, just a guy that loves Benelli inertia guns. I have an HK import Montefeltro that my wife shoots skeet with. For her, it was a first shot love. She hit with it right out of the box and the gun has never malfunctioned in the ~25 years we've had it. You did good. ?

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