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Benelli stock Question - M1 vs. M2 and recoil reduction


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I'm considering puchase of a Benelli M2 tactical and know that I have 4 stock choices that are possible (standard, pistol, tactical, and comfortech). I like the standard stock the best, having fired my brothers m1 field before. Yes, I tried the comfortech and its not for me...


The question I have is can the mercury recoil reducer, listed on Benelli's website as an accessory to the standard M1 stock, be used with the M2 if I purchase it w/the "standard stock"? I guess my question boils down to two things: is the std stock sold with the M2 the same as the M1 (they certainly appear so) and is their some engineering of the M2 and mercury recoil reducer that are not compatible?


Thanks for any insight - Dacos

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ignoring crazyhair won't make him go away, but it will keep you from the bottle.


In response to your very well structured and interesting question, I don't think it will fit, but please call Benelli customer service to be sure.

Now then, since the M1 reducer may not fit the M2 Tactical stock, there are allternatives offered by third party suppliers.

I believe Golden Bear, a member of this forum can supply you with some information. If he doesn't respond to this thread, please start a new one with his name in the title and ask him for the link.



Here we go. I knew I had the link soemwhere.

Give these guys a call and see what they can do for you.



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Originally posted by Dacos:

Yes, I tried the comfortech and its not for me...

Please explain. To my eyes, the Comfortech and the standard stock look nearly identical. They should have the same fit. Why would you not want a stock that recoils less, other than the extra $135?


There is another thing I haven't understood yet. Why does the Comfortech version not ship with the +2 mag extension??? Is there some technical reason for that?

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