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Mag Extension question on SBEII


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I installed a four shot extension on my SBEII, while it was a pain I got it done. That C clamp device made me nervous, I mean how hard do you dare clamp on a gun barrel ?? Anyway I tightened it pretty well and went out to a shoot and went thru 125-150 #6 lead shells.


When home to clean the weapon I notice the clamp fell off !! Do I have to worry and get another one or do you think it will be fine ? Short of using loctite or something I dont think it can be tightened enough without damaging the barrel or mag extension.


Any advice especially from Benelli would be appreciated.




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I have one of the mag extentions on my M1, and believe it is the same extention. The screw is in the middle and screws into a tapered piece that fits between the two sides correct? I dont know what you are worried about, it wont crimp the barrel, or the extention. (if you look closely, there is a smaller side and a bigger diameter side, make sure the bigger diameter side is the one holding the barrel) Tighten it down, dont go crazy with an air tool or anything, though. Normally i use a penny, and tighten it down until i cant turn it, the penny makes it so I can only use a certan amount of leverage.

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