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M1S90…Which Limbsaver AirTech Fits? Help Please!


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Hey all. 
I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with the standard black straight stock.  It’s the one that has a strap attachment built in the left side.  My M1 is NOT an HK labeled model.  

I am starting a trap league and need something to lessen felt recoil.  I was told the best pad to use is the Limbsaver AirTech.  I looked up on their chart and they didn’t list my Specific M1, but almost all Benelli shotguns were listed as using the #10810.

I got the template and cut it out.  It doesn’t match exactly.  One of the holes for the screws is about 1/8” or maybe a hair more short of being right on.  I don’t know if this one will fit.

Can anyone help me in figuring out what recoil pad I should use and which one will work for sure?  I don’t want to pay $50 for a pad that won’t fit.  
Any help you can give would REALLY be appreciated.  
Thanks all. 

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I'm not sure which model you need specifically for your M1, but Limbsaver has a chart where you can see the physical sizes of the pads and print out templates. You can then see which one will fit your screw pattern. Note the listing has both the Airtech and the classic pads. If you can get the Airtech, go that route. They perform a little better than the classics.

Some of the pads have plastic risers on the base of the pad that may interfere with the fit, if those are present, they are pretty easy to remove with a belt sander or even a hand file.


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Hey all.

YES, it has sling attachment points on BOTH sides.

I called Limbsaver Tech Support and explained what the problem I am having is. She told me the one I have the template for, #10810 AirTech was the proper one for my M1.  I told her that I had seen comments saying this one would not fit and she put me on hold while she went to check with all the other techs.  She assured me upon her return that the #10810 would fit and work fine.  She said for me to order it and give it a try and if it didn't work, I could return it without any problems.

I'll decide something by Monday.


Thanks all for the help.

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