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Benelli M4 firing issue


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Hello Everyone, 

So a few months ago i installed a TTI accuguide extended carrier, TTI Reduced power trigger spring and TTI reduced power hammer spring. Everything else on my M4 is stock except a limb saver pad. My M4 is a 7+1 with fixed pistol grip stock if that makes any difference. 

Took it to the range today to mess around with some #7.5 target loads. Load the chamber hit the release button, Load a few shells in the tube, aim down sight, safety off go to pull the trigger and click nothing happens. Okay weird rack it eject the shell, next shell loads into the chamber, aim down sight pull the trigger click nothing happens again. Repeat the next round fires fine, cycles fine, Next round fires fine, Round after that back to the click and no fire. I am guessing it is something with the reduced power hammer spring. Has anyone else had this issue or did i mess something up installing these mods? Should i just go back to the stock hammer spring? I have attached photos of the trigger assembly with the hammer back and forward.

Any feedback is appreciated and thank you in advance.


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1 hour ago, BK02 said:

Was there small dents in the primers of the shells that didn’t go off? If so, probably light strikes from the light hammer spring. If reliability is a concern, it’s best to not mess with the trigger on most weapon systems. 

I did not think to check. Yea reliability and being able to cycle any round is are some of my fav features of the M4. I just wanted a lighter trigger pull I will swap oem back in. 

43 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

You deduced the issue correctly. It’s the TTI hammer spring causing you grief. Go back to oem and your issues should go away. I’ve never known anyone who’s M4 would work with those pieces of crap in the pack. 

Crazy because the "reviews" on the site are great. Starting to think they are not real or not M4 owner reviews. Should i swap just the oem hammer spring back in or the trigger spring as well?


Thank you guys for the feedback.


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