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The choke is stuck????


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I have just recived my brand new SBE2, but while exploring it (Picking it apart) I couldn't remove the internal choke, its stuck!! It wont move at all. several person has tried to unscrew it, whitout succes.


Probobly the factory has screwed it to hard, so it has broken.


But is there anyone who has an idea how to unscrew it, solve this issue? I have tried whit gun oil. But it didn't help at all, its like solid rock.


Please help, Im heading for the shooting range tomorow to try it out, and need to change choke.

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Did you try squirting some WD-40 around the edge of the muzzle where choke meets the barrel. If you use a concentrator tube to direct the flow into that specific area, the WD-40 should flow down into the threads and after letting it set for 30 minutes or so, hopefully it will break loose. Gun oil does not work as well as a penetrant like WD-40 will.


I hope your gun came with one of the good choke wrenches----not one of the cheap ones they sometimes include.

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I got the nice choke wrench! :D but It didn't help, what's WD-40?? I have tried anti rost spray whitout resoult.


Its a long way to the gun dealer I bought it from, so it would be good if I could solve it by my self. My if nothing works ill go to him.


BTW, I have searcht the forum about just this whitout resoults

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