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M3 Supernova collapsible stock install help


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Hi all, new here, thank you in advance for help! 

My question is regarding my new to me M3 which I'm in the midst of modding. I've scoured these forums and numerous other places but just can't seem to get a straight answer..  I just bought a Benelli 61171 Supernova Collapsible Stock / MR1 from Benelliparts.net. Now I need the adjustable stock tube and this is my problem/question. My M3 is from 2002 (code BN) and it appears that the tapped hole in the receiver is the smaller vs. the newer variants of M3 (I read somewhere 19 x 1 mm vs, 21 x 1 mm). I learned this because the stock tube I bought from (Midwest : 61364 Benelli SuperNova Multi Position Stock Tube for Collapsible Stock, For Serial #'s Before Z543224) was too big. So I just bought the other from them (Benelli M3/M4/Supernova Tactical Stock Tube, For Serial #'s Above Z543224 61026). However, I just read somewhere else, same thing happened to someone else and that didn't fit either. So do I need to find this one in stock somewhere (Benelli Supernova or MR1 5 Position Recoil Tube SKU: 70071)? Or am I going to have to use what I got and re tap or re thread the current part? Thank you so so much in advance for any insights!!!!

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There's no easy way to do this. Just forget it. It's gonna be too expensive to make happen and you will get bad results.

You need the M19 threads to be about 7-8mm in length, then a relief groove so it can transition to M21. Even if rethread it successfully it will still be too weak because the inside groove. The older M19 aluminum and steel tubes can get away with this because the regular pistol grip stock and field stock supports the receiver and they don't have an inside groove or steel ring.



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