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pistol grip locking position *now with pics*


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So the butt-plate portion of my pistol grip stock on my M1014 locks in place way out of alignment with the rest of my gun. I can push the button in and rotate the butt-plate into alignment, but then it's free to move back and forth and is easily moved out of alignment. Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only weird one?


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That is very interesting, Have you tried removing it completely and re-installing? Is it all the way back? (perhapse you are trying to set it too early at the removal point? or is it installed upside down) and finally...what does your recoil tube look like? There is a thread here from last week that has some very nice pictures of what the tube should look like and how it should be oriented. pictures a couple posts down the thread


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It's a M1014, so the tube isn't milled enough to allow the stock to collapse. I think it's in the right place when it locks--I've fiddled around with it some and it seems to only lock in one place.


As for removing the recoil tube, I tried with an adjustable wrench last night, but the nut that sits on the recoil tube up against the receiver is on way tight and I couldn't get it loose. Has anyone ever removed their recoil spring tube from the receiver?

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I would not try to remove the tube. I have read that it is attached with a powdered epoxy that cures under pressure (from the compression of the nut on the threads). Even though it is not milled does the detent and releif on the end of the tube look like the last detent and releif on the picture? If not it may be missaligined and have to be sent back to Benelli -- which could be an excellent opurtunity to exercise your charm and charisima by asking them to replace it with a milled tube, Just a thought. --can you post a pic of the end of the tube? There are many here with experience with the 1014. regards.

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Okay, here are some pics.


First, here's a shot of the position the stock is in when it locks into place. Notice the button is in the 'out' position.



Top view of the stock in the locked position:



Here's the recoil tube from the top:



And from the side:



I'm going to see if I can heat up the recoil tube area by the nut with a soldering iron and see if that'll loosen it up enough to adjust. If not, guess I'll get to test out Benelli's customer service.

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The tube looks right (from my limited experience). There appears to be two channels for the stock retaing bearing to rotate in. Try both channels by carefully (I mean paying close attention to the "feel") moving the stock into the second channel (so the end of the butt meets up with the line in the tube) then rotate the butt clockwise, slide rearward an inch or so and rotate counterclockwise. Or do the same and try sliding it forward.

If playing with this does not help, call custemor service and refer them to the pictures you posted here, they should be able to tell if the tube is on correctly.

M1014, does this tube look the same as on your 1014's?



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Got mine today.


The tube goes on/comes off tilted left. It collapses and moves tilted right.


From what I can see, you definitely have your buttstock way too far forward. Your recoil tube isn't milled to allow this.


To get it to tilt straight, back it up (tilted left, button in) until the faint line in the metal is right at the front of the buttstock. Then it should click into place.


Those lines are there to tell you where to move the stock to before it will rotate into place.


I'm 99% sure if you move it back to that line, it will click into place perfectly.

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