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My failed sbe2


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I am sorry and I hate bashing, but I think it’s time to part with my sbe2.  I am tired of the constant malfunctions.  

my shotgun has been to benelli numerous times with no positive result. I am told they can find anything wrong or made a minor adjustment only for it to still not work. I own 5 benelli.  This is the only shotgun that gives me issues and the customer service is putting a bad taste in my mouth.  

the gun has had issues of constantly clickling when pulling the trigger and now when I pull the trigger it mostly just drops the next round out of the tube and doesn’t fire. 

yes it’s shouldered good. Yes I’ve tried new recoil spring . I have tried wolf 25% extra recoil spring.  Tried new firing pin. I am just so done. 

the duck blind is a hunting environment. I shouldn’t have to carefully move the “best waterfowl “ shotgun on the market like it’s an egg shell and hope it doesn’t get knocked out of battery.  Again this is my only benelli that has issues.  I take care of my stuff it looks new still. 

I hate to say it but I may be in the market for a beretta a400 For waterfowl hunting 




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Buy the A400, my son has had the A400 Extreme for 4 years and it has functioned flawlessly, and he hunts 3-5 days per week and rarely cleans his gun. I sold him my A400 Lite and bought a SBE3, what a HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!

My new SBE3 shoots high 80/20 and left of center, looking straight down a flat rib. Benelli basically told me to pound sand, the gun is designed to shoot high. It's currently at the Benelli repair shop for the second time to inspect their previous repair job, which appears to be a safety concern.

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