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SBE II. Curvature of comfortech stock?

Mr. Lee

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My stock has a slight curve in it. I asume this is normal. But I could not find any info on this in the manuel or on the website.


Anyways the curve of the stock comes toward my face. I have a right handed model and it seems that the curve should be the other way. The reason say this is because I have to force my face into the stock to line up the beads......but if I pull it up left handed......it lines up beautifully.


Is it possible that I have a left handed stock on my gun?


Or.....the stock is suppossed to be staight?



If I can't figure this out I am going to sell it cause I can't seem to hit a thing with it. I have tried all the shims but nothing seems to help.


Whats the scoop on the stock?


Thanks, Steve

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If you hold your gun at arms length away and look down the barrel with your eye slightly higher than the rib....you should be able to see if the stock centerline is in line with the rib, or the left or right....for a right handed shooter the stock centerline should be a little right of the rib centerline.....or check your shims.

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