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Inertia vs. Gas


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Pew pew tactical had an interesting article dealing with the M1-3 and the M4. It explained, in a short read, the inertia and gas systems and why I need to get an M3. Probably common knowledge to some but I found it enlightening.


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At first, I couldn't even read that site. Too many videos, animations, and other things meant to catch your eye. To me, they mess with my motion sickness issues and start causing eye strain and vertigo in short order. Thankfully, I was able to get them uBlocked (origin) so I could actually read it.

I've got M1, M3, M4, Montefeltro, and SBE (multiples of some of these). As they mention gas guns are slightly softer shooting in standard and 3" loads. Since the M4 can't do 3.5", I can't compare it to my SBE. One thing hardly any sites mention is while gas guns do have softer recoil, they do this my a couple of things. One, gas guns are heavier than inertia guns which that in itself will reduce felt recoil. Inertia also has more of a sudden recoil instead of the longer push feeling of the recoil. Think .45 acp and 10mm auto fired from same type of gun. The 10mm is a lot snappier than the .45. I had read a real interesting article on it on one of the recoil pad manufactures sites but can't find it now.

I was curious about that John Wick screen still shot. The lighting at the end of the barrel looks like they were trying to show it shooting as a double barrel with the magazine firing too. At first I thought it was from movement of the gun during recoil since the empty is just starting to eject. But, I'd think that be dark colored instead of light.

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