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Hole drilling template For m1s90


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Hi All, 

I've got a very nice HK Marked M1S90 Tactical that I'd like to modernize ever so slightly with a scalarworks low profile RDS mount that will cowitness with the ghost ring irons. However the M1S90 is not drilled/tapped for mounts whereas the M2 is. Was wondering if there was a hole template out there for drilling in the factory locations? I believe the m1 and m2 receivers are identical, so there should be no issue drilling it, just want to be sure they're in the right spots. Pic for attention.  (Pictured is an M2 but my M1 is setup exactly like it minus the RDS)



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Just a thought. If you don't have sentimental attachments to the M1, you might consider selling it as it is. Many people, myself included, look specifically for unmodified/unmolested HK import models. The M2 is already ready to go with many of these, and have more aftermarket support. You might come out ahead, or at least break even to sell this one and buy the M2. Then, you can let your M2 mods go crazy and likely not harm the value at all, likely increasing it instead. That is just my opinion, I am sure some others disagree.

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