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G G&G receiver sling plate on M4


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Does anyone know if the GG&G sling plate for the M1 & M3 that fits between the receiver and stock will fit on a M4? I believe it is the "single point sling attachment" Thank you.


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Hey Mesa Tactical!!!!!!


You guys need to make a new single point sling attachment for the M1-Super 90!!! One that uses a round style attachment point about 3/8" in diameter and smooth-edged, for an H&K style hook single point sling, rather than those flat 1 1/4" loops!


Something like this....






I know about 20 guys on my department alone that would buy one.







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Thank you for the message.


Generally, with our product developments we try to improve upon what is already available. What you are asking for is a Burnsed loop for an HK style hook for the Benelli platforms. Daniel Defense, GG&G and probably a few others are already making a number of Burnsed loops for different platforms. You might get what you want a lot more quickly by taking your request to Daniel Defense or GG&G. After all, it would be fairly trivial to modify a 1-1/4" Burnsed loop design to work with an HK hook.


I'm not sure Mesa Tactical will be in the Burnsed loop business any time soon.

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