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Range Report Holosun 508T

Devil Dawg

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Took the H2O on its first range day with the 508T. Out the box at 25 meters hitting center mass. The optic is mounted on a scalarworks. Ammo used was Remmington slugger; weapon would not cycle correctly. Switched to Winchester and all was good. 

Has anyone had problems with the slugger ammo? My 1301 and 1014 eat it up.


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Took my H20 with my first time ever trial red dot,  vortex crossfire, to the range today too.  Sighted in at 25 yards and I’m impressed.  No problem hitting the center of 2 inch diameter circles when supported.  I’ll have to find a place to go further.  Was yet another good time with one of sons, and I’m impressed with what I have.  I shoot sterling slugs (not sterling tornado) and have never had a problem with them.  

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1 hour ago, Devil Dawg said:

I guess my feeding problem is the mag tube spring. When I switched mag tubes from 5 to 7 I got a new spring from BP.net and it was much shorter than the OEM spring. I will go back to the OEM next time out. 

Buy one from Carrier Comp. Recoil too much. Inertia. This was your issue.

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