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sbe slugs


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I've shot most of the sabots out of my SBEII, including the new Hornady SST and repeatedly found the Winchester Platinum Tips to group the best so far. I got 4" groups as I was sighting in my scope at 110 yards two weeks ago; and that will shrink to 2"-3" when I get serious. I THINK the Winchester Partition Golds look good if you want more penetration and more range, but I didn't have enough shells or enough shoulder left to really test them. As far as performance goes ... the Win. Plat. Tips dropped 15 deer with 15 shots for me in 2004. Individual shotguns are very ammo sensitive, so you have to test them all yourself. A lot of guys have great success with Federals with the Barnes copper bullet. (I didn't) And the Lightfields shoot great, but I don't like the longer range ballistics on them. (If 150 yards is long) I like the looks of the new Remington Ultra Coreloks too. Someday I'll test the Remingtons.

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