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Benelli M2 Ghost sight Night Sight Removal/Installation


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My search comes up empty. If someone has a link to any installation instructions or wouldn’t mind writing a brief instruction would be appreciated. I have a Benelli M2 tactical with ghost ring sights and purchased the Benelli night sight insert posts sight set. I’m pretty handy but if a video or instructions are available I like to read or watch first. I did purchase the front sight nut wrench and spare locking nut but any information on the rear and front  sight disassembly or any tips would be helpful 

thank you!

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Well, I figured I would add a little information after completing my sight installation project. First, a comment about the night sights. The Benelli night sights run about $150’.00. I was considering the meprolights which run under $100.00 but I read a couple comments that people weren’t very impressed, especially with the brightness. I went with the Benelli but I hadn’t noticed when ordering that they don’t have any white ring around the dots of any sort, so they aren’t too easy to pickup when looking through them in regular lighting.


As Doge pointed out, the rear sight windage adjustment screw is turned counter clockwise until the long screw is completely removed. Then just gently wiggle the rear post out and theres a coil spring that sits inside a hole in the side of the sight post. Utilize the spring from the old sight, insert into the side of the new sight and gently install back into the ghost sight frame cavity careful not to damage the spring. I used a needle long nose type tip diamond tweezers to help guide the soring into position so when reinserting the screw will have to slide through the center of the spring when installing screw back into the hole in the sight. Then just turn clockwise until the rear sight is back into it’s centered position.

The front sight

This one you need a special tool to get to the locking nut under the sight post. I couldn’t find any tools I had that would work. I read somewhere there is an automotive tool that would work but I couldn’t find anything locally. So I just purchased the tool from FFT and a spare nut. Again just loosen counter clockwise until the nut is off and out will come the front sight post and the ghost sight wings.

Put the night sight post through the wings back onto the front sight mount and then try to get the nut started. This is the difficult part of the installation because you really can’t hang onto the nut to get it in there and started or fit fingers in there. What I did was again use my diamond jeweler’s tweezers to grasp and hokd the nut. While holding the barrel and sight at an angle I pushed my finger up in there from underneath just too block the nut from falling and help guide and hold the nut in position while getting it started with my diamond tweezers. Once it’s started you can use the regular wrench tool to get it almost snug. At that point you’ll have to get the wings and the post in the proper position and even. There’s enough play that you can tighten the nut and everything is cockeyed or crooked so I had to loosen and tighten a few times to get it right because it kept  moving as I was almost snugged up either the wings, the post or both so it was a little frustrating. I had to get it straight holding the wings with a finger and the post with my tweezers so nothing would move  and twist while tightening the nut.

I hope someone finds this thread information useful for their future sight replacement project 


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Agreed.  I found the fright sight post frustrating as well.  I experienced the same twisting of both parts.  Makes you wonder if they have some kind of jig or tool in the factory.

I think I finally took wood shafts from cotton swabs and placed one on each side of the post to keep it straight.  Then held the wing'd piece with my fingers.  It was a pain for me anyway.

The rear sight was pretty straight forward.

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