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M3 trigger guard change


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Last week I ordered an A&S Engineering trigger guard for my M3, I love the ones I have on my M4's. A&S called me and said that Benelli had recently changed the OEM trigger guard and it was causing some fitment issues. They asked which I had, the "flat-back" or "pointed-back", they even sent pictures to illustrate the difference in the REAR of the housing, which I have posted. Just an fyi for anyone who wants to upgrade their M3, check your gun and order the correct TG to save yourself some headaches. (photos courtesy of A&S, used with permission)



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Yeah, I emailed them about this about a week or so ago.  I finally received my FFT 922r parts, and after installing them in the A&S guard I'd had since November I realized the trigger guard wasn't going to fit my gun.

A&S were awesome about it, told me to send it back and they would switch me out.

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Just some more info, the change occurred before A&S brought their metal trigger guard to market. There is some confusion when doing some cross compatibility on the M3 since it is so old. The earliest H&K M3s barely have any compatible parts.

Here's one of the earliest pictures I have when the trigger guard changed from Shot Show 2013:


You can see right below the M3 Shorty is the M2 Tactical. Some time at this point, the Benelli M3 was updated with the rear furniture from the M2. The plastic trigger group no longer locked into the grip unlike the alloy trigger group. If you look on Midwest Gunworks, sometimes you see parts cutoff at a certain serial number.

This also applies to the Montefeltro & Raffaello where the name stays the same but the gun gets changed. What is also more confusing is that the American Raffaello is called the Ethos; but then there are Raffaellos that are basically Super Black Eagles.



Two guns called Raffaello, but not much is interchangeable apart from the bolt group, some trigger parts, and barrel.



Hopefully whoever finds this on google can make use of this info.

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