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Slug gun accuracy, success tips??


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ive been out to the range recently shooting aorund with the winchester BRI 2/3" slugs, winchester platinum tips, and remington core lokt ultra bonded slugs...getting best groups from the plat tips but am still wondering what you all do for best accuracy, sighting in for 150 yards? 200? ive found filling stock with lead and sponge helps reduce recoil of some hot loads like the winchester supremes...any tips or success storys are welcomed...thanks

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I found nothing that made the sighting in process pleasant.


Just shoot from a good rest, maybe have a shoulder pad, and have a buddy along to do some of the shooting.


I get 5" groups at 100 yards with my SBE slug and Win Plat Tips. I tried 7-8 different slugs, and the Plats worked the best.


In the field, the Plats are deadly. They work great for shotguns and muzzleloaders...


mudhen - CA

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