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M4 Where are they???


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I'm getting a little po'd myself...Customer service has all of the dealers giving the same pat answer..."the guns are on the boat, but I have the Limited Edition in stock." Geez, if they are going to blow us off, they could at least be a little more subtle about it. Hmmm, "the guns are on the boat" sounds similar to "the check is in the mail." ****, that poor boat has been sailing for seven months now. Get a new captain for that boat!!!


All of that being said, I did get a Limited Edition M1014 just to hold me over (I'll trade it in for the M4 #11707).



Originally posted by sonny27:

What's taking so long to get them into the U.S.? I'm not looking for a M1014, I'm looking for a M4. I also want to purchase the retractable stock.


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That's not fair M1014, your Limited Edition is "different." I'm too much of a chicken to mess with the spring tube : )


BTW, what are you using for a sling connect at the rear? Do you have one of those metal snap attachments?


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the sling is from 4 different slings,its a inch1 1/4 web with uncle mikes rear swivels and a military detachment in the front with a pad for carry purposes,its built around the quick detatchable idea.the rear hole on the buttstock had to be enlarged a touch to accept the uncle mike attachment.I had a machinist do the tube,great job,,,,,,,,I hope you keep your M1014,,you won't regret it,,,,,best to ya M1014 :cool:


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