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  1. sonny27

    M4 Stock Issue

  2. The Benelli M4, Nova and Vinci are going to be featured this Wednesday on Top Guns. It's on H2 which use to be called History International channel. Sonny
  3. Just got off the phone with Benelli, here is what they said: The m4 H2O is coming with a full length magazine tube and a collapsible stock for civilians in states that allow them. You can also get them with a pistol grip stock too. The final assembly is in the U.S. with U.S.A. parts to meet 922r requirements. The gentleman on the phone said Benelli is very excited with this new product. Sonny...
  4. sonny27

    M4 - Stock

    you can send your stock to limbsaver, they will make a custom recoil pad for it. Here is a link to contact them if you wish to. http://www.limbsaver.com/company/contact.php
  5. sonny27

    Geissele Hammer

    Geissele Automatics 1920 W. Marshall Street Norristown, PA 19403 Phone (610) 272-2060 Fax (610) 272-2069
  6. sonny27

    Top Shot

    The Benelli M4 will be featured on Top Shot this Tuesday on the History Channel at 10PM.
  7. I was told the m4 doesn't like low brass... High brass only
  8. It's a forend, not a rail. http://freedomfightertactical.com/last-forend-update-prior-to-release-2411/
  9. Botach received a fresh batch of collapsible stocks from Benelli. They had them listed for $499, they lowered the price last night to $250. H&Kp2000 matched them and it looks like he's been letting us know every two minutes.
  10. Ordered mine from Botach last night. It shipped today.
  11. Got an email from Botach, the price is going down to $250
  12. Freedom Fighter Tactical is making new products that are 922 compliant. I'm very interested in the forend when it becomes available. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/forends-and-followers/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922r-compliant-forearm-forend/
  13. Received my mag tube two days ago, extremely pleased with it!!!
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