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big fish

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Let's investigate!


Exhibit A - "M.A.D. Max Turkey Chokes" : Why would they name it a turkey choke tube? Does that mean it isn't designed for use on deer? Hmmm... the mind boggles.


Exhibit B - "SHOT (recommended) 5's & 6's" :

Why would they 'recommend' 5's and 6's if it would be a great tube for shooting 000 buck and slugs? Again, I am completey perplexed.


Someone, please solve these mysteries. Anyone?


[ 05-05-2005, 10:20 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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listen, I didn't join this page to be trifled with... I know a little bit about firearms and fieldcraft but not all that much about shotguns and don't need any smart answers.

Just got a new Benelli M1 and am looking foward to becoming as profiecent with it as I am with...

Well you're so smart I guess I don't have to tell you.

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I told myself I'd stay out of it, but the orange jello thing had me cracking up. Now this latest post I can't keep my trap shut. I'm laughing my asss off. I prefer cherry flavor. I'm now just as guilty as GG for talking about nothing that has to do with the thread. I apologize to all looking for info. on chokes. Actually chocholate pudding is really good to..... Have a good weekend all.

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