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Left handed shooter shooting a sbe2 for years with right handed comforteck stock configuration.

John R

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As a left- handed shooter shooting a sbe2 for years with right-handed comforteck stock configuration.  This works for skeet but sometimes not so well for 40 yard ducks.

When patterned the gun shoots 3 in left and about 6" higher than60/40 at 22 yards. I changed the gun to left hand cast but have not corrected the drop as I only have a B drop shim.

Haven't a chance to pattern it yet. Does the left- hand cast sound OK, or over correction? Any info appreciated.

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Casting the gun left handed would allow your left eye to gain center alignment... most gun fittings SBE 2's and 3's set up fairly flat in the C Drop Shim Plate as well as the C drop shim shim.  In your case your will be setting the gun up CSX Drop Shim Plate, C Drop Shim, SX Cast shim, you may need the D Drop Shim Plate and D Drop shim to obtain flat rib.





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Remarkable,    Thanks for your input on my cast and drop questions. Since I am strongly left eye dominant, I believe the left cast will be fine. Per your instructions pertaining to drop, I have ordered a stock drop assembly kit.  With the reversible drop plate i can get C SX - also the C drop shim is supplied.  Right now when I shoulder the gun normally, I'm seeing way to much rib (not flat)-so I think I'm on the right track with more drop.  A few years back I was having a problem with the gun cycling,and stovepiping spent shells. I came across your info on the forum.  Got a Wolff 25% extra power spring and cleaned and lubed the tube with break-free. Now part of my yearly maintenance - Haven't had a problem since. Thanks again for responding, Benell's really fortunate to have a guy with your expertise on the the forum.

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