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Help: Supernova factory camo Defect?


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Long story short, I just bought a 12 gauge SuperNova online. I received it by mail, no damage on the box/wrapping. As I opened the box, I noticed a defect in 2 spots very close to each other on the stock, just above the safety pin/trigger with the camo gashed out at just over an 1/8” in diameter in both spots. It seems as though it was a poor attempt at an engraving?

I emailed the merchant who sold it, they gladly accepted the exchange, waiting for Monday to send it out. But the lady was telling me the gunsmith explained to her it was “almost part of the process” and that the stamp on these guns are put on AFTER the camo and that the one they have in stock for me as my exchange, is A BIT BETTER, which isn’t very assuring to me. This is my first purchase of a coated 12 gauge so, I’m asking you very knowledgeable folks, if they’re pulling a fast one on me (which I suspect), or if this actually a known/normal issue? 

thanks in advance guys!


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"Proof marks" (or something similar) added at the end. Since the exterior shell isn't metal, maybe it's done with heat?  I thought the camo wrap guns had a "window" for serial numbers and the like. Maybe they don't do that anymore, or at least on the SN, or not for that marking.

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Sounds like your dealer is willing to work with you, offering you another gun as a exchange.  Perhaps request a photo of the other gun, then make your decision.

The Nova is a very solid gun, it will last you a lifetime, super durable.  I have worked on well over 1100 Benelli's, only three of them have been Nova's!  10 year Warranty...

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