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Pelican 1700 case & Benelli M4 question


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Does anyone here happen to have a Pelican 1700 case they could place their M4 w/ collapsible stock in to test fitment? I am considering a case and the 1700 size fits my application best, and the size looks to be very, very close. If you wouldn't mind posting some photos, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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Angled to match the stock, with a bias towards the butt pad closer to the side of the case because, well, it's a butt pad. I wouldn't say it's comfortable but it's definitely possible. Probably more so if you angled it completely from corner to corner. So, FWIW this will fit a collapsed M4 and you won't have to pay extra airline fees because the 1700 is just within the limits for large bags for air travel. (62 linear inches) @bigoo7e




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3 hours ago, alexwpilot said:



3 hours ago, Gmcrigger2007 said:

Nice set up, I was looking at the 1700 as well but I ended up with an old Dockocil case which worked out perfectly  from a friend looking to get rid of it. The company was bought out by Plano and I was able to get new keys for the case .


The way I see it, the shotgun is robust enough not to worry too much, and if it barely fits, great - I'll just give it room at the muzzle and let the recoil pad hit the side. I'll be buying some replacement foam and cutting for different configurations. It can serve multiple weapons without having to buy more cases. I'll also be carrying an ar15 in it with the upper/lower receivers separated. The only downside is that It's a *surprisingly* heavy case, but it seems like it does the job I need it to do - Protect and contain the firearm & accessories.

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37 minutes ago, Gmcrigger2007 said:

Do you think the 1750 would be a better fit for the pistol grip & field stock M4s ? 

The 1750 is overkill. The 1720 is still manageable if you're really worried about it, but tbh the 1700 is max size for air travel without insane fees and it actually fits in my cars (anything larger won't) and stores at home easily. The 1750 is just gigantic and probably weights a ton more. 

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38 minutes ago, Gmcrigger2007 said:

Thanks ,I really didn't realize that the 1750 was that big.I have a couple of small Pelican cases and i like their products. The 1700 is probably the way to go. I don't want anything too big. I have the Dockocil which is fine but i need a shorter case for the M4 .

I was torn between the 1700 & 1720, and the 1700 was the only one that fit into the trunk of both cars I needed it to fit inside. Also, the 1700 won't fit some ARs unless the receivers are separated. I don't have an issue with this, and I also bought  receiver covers for this reason, but just keep this in mind. Be warned that the 1700 is quite heavy, even without anything in it. Surprisingly so. Good luck!

(Receiver cover mentioned earlier)

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