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Are these Benelli M4 shotgun upgrades worth it?

John Doe

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Colion Noir just release this new video of some upgrades he did on his M4. Just wanted to see what you all thought about it and the things he did to his and if he made the right choices or where he could have gone another route. Love to hear your guy's thoughts on this and what you have done to your own M4's.



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how many of us are ever really done? i myself feel im done but who knows what cool new upgrade will come along. 


carrier comp Ti 7rd tube

mesa tactical urbino stock with pistol grip rubber replaced with oem benelli rubber grip

a&s Al trigger housing

taran tactical oversized safety 

taran tactical charging handle

ava light mount w/ surefire g2x tactical handheld flashlight 

scalarworks sync mount w/holosun hs503g 

oem hand guards stippled by tango arms (“standard” pattern i think its called)

mesa tactical qd sling mount for urbino stock (for when i want to run a single point sling)

noveske qd sling mount in stock (for running the 2-pt sling i usually go with)

magpul ms4 sling 

esstac 7rd cards

thats all for now, but considering getting another set of oem hand guards to get a full stipple pattern. maybe possibly a briley trigger upgrade in the future. maybe. 

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I’ve learned through the years that I’m never really done. My CURRENT config….

Benelli 7rd tube

RxArms adjustable buffer tube

FFT follower

Benelli collapsible stock

Limbkiller stock pad mod

A&S trigger housing

FFT trigger kit, but using a Geissele hammer

TTI charging handle

ScalarWorks sync mount/ RMR

MI hand guard 

Surefire scout light on extended mount

IWC AR stock QD modified for use on the collapsible Benelli stock body 

SavySniper sling

**I have removed the MI hand guard a few times to go back to FFT poly clamshells and a IWC light mount. with that being said, I am currently back with the MI. I prefer the feel, the extended length and the ability to get the light farther toward the muzzle.

Have considered a different optic, love the RMR, but want some protection for it. Need to look for a cover I suppose 

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11 hours ago, John Doe said:

How do you like it? I was looking at the FFT one myself. Are they all pretty much the same? Are there any major differences between them?


i like the Ti tube, however, i don’t have experience with any other make. i went with the carrier comp bc i found one lnib priced right when the waiting list to get one new was around 6 months. 


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Guess it depends on what you want from your weapon..........

#1., A mr potato head mix n' match dress up barbie/ken doll. 

or #2., a weapon for defensive/offensive purposes, a scattergun. As originally intended, point n' shoot. Like handgrenades and horse shoes, you just need to be close to score.

My 2¢. Alpha33 out.........................

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