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Flight control, Versa-tite, etc.. shell pattern for M1014?


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44 minutes ago, Fullassault said:

The civilian M1014 (not sure about the Military version) has a modified choke

Thanks, I thought the civilian version of the M1014 was the M4. I didn't know they had two versions of the M1014. I know the M4 has swapable chokes and the M1014 has a fixed modified choke. 

Good to know.

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There's only one way to know which ones your gun will like.  That's not not a smart ass answer, it's just fact. IME, the old adage "every gun is a law unto itself" really REALLY applies with shotguns-chokes-buckshot. 

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I shoot LE132 1B out of mine fine, got 5 cans of the stuff laying around. It's never hiccuped and I get pie-plate patterns all day. I use it in an m4 sbs, as well as a sbs Remington 870 and a long barrel 870. It hits what I'm aiming at, been doing a lot of varmint control the last 3 years and it's tight and humane in my guns. You still have to just see what your gun likes and doesn't though. 

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19 hours ago, xblax619 said:

i agree with them above. i ran both loads in my m4 just fine with decent patterns out to 25 yds. ymmv

Specifically an M1014, but yes that is what I'll do. was just asking other people's experience.

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